Salcombe 1st June 2009

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Went down to Salcombe yesterday to have another crack at those pesky Gilthead bream – to cut a long story short – I didn’t catch any Giltheads But I did learn a bit more, and took some pictures for you to enjoy.

Started off by doing some plugging – headed out towards Wolf Rock.

It was quite spooky – you could see the rocks/weed under the water – surrounded by sand – this was how part of it looked on the fish finder :

No joy – so I headed up river to try for the gilts. I have made a hood for the fish finder to make it easier to view in bright sun – it attached via velcro :

Fished for the giltheads for over 4 hours – not even a bass to share my lug and fresh peeler

Went ashore to stretch my legs and have a bite to eat

Then paddled back down stream passing some spots which were 45 feet deep at low water; only a few feet from shore – maybe give these marks a go next time :

Must be tough living here

Decided I had not come all this way to blank, so ventured out towards the bar – the tide had almost finished ebbing and things were quite calm – so I thought I would try to go further out and see if I could at least catch some mackerel to take home.

In the calm, I spotted some tide lines and trolled the feathers through – bingo – a load of mackerel (and a launce). Caught 6 or 7, all in one particular spot.

Decided to drift over it with the fish finder switched on – on the traditional view – it went mad with fish showing everywhere – but I could also see something on the bottom. So I decided on another drift with side imaging switched on :

Looks like a submarine or something similar – it was 12m long and stood 2m clear of the sea bed in a depth of 60 feet.

Any ideas ?

I have looked on Wrecksite – but the nearest wreck is 300m away and was alot bgger (SS Soudan).

Then paddled back – a long day – covered alot of miles and at least I did not blank.

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