Lynmouth kayak fishing 10th July

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An early start saw me pasing Adam in the opposite direction on the motorway – arrived at Lynmouth for a 9am launch. Forecast was inaccurate as seems to be the case lately, but I was determined to get out after an aborted attempt last week.

I was hoping the new sticker would bring me luck; especially after Pugwash’s report the other week…


Tide was ebbing, so needed to walk the kayak out…


As soon as I got out of the shelter of the harbour, the weather really chewed up :( a strong offshore wind was pushing the waves out from the beach, making fishing very uncomfortable.

It was a case of one dogfish after another…


A bit later, after a brief downpour; I was joined by Overrun and just afterwards, I had a better bite. As I was playing the fish, Donk contacted me on the VHF – not easy playing a fish and talking on the radio ;).

A nice small eyed ray came aboard…



The weather was still pretty grim and the paddle back was tough against the wind and tide – but the though of what was waiting, kept us going ;D


A big thankyou to Overrun and Donk – great company. Overrun had come a long way and Donk must have been knackered after bait digging and shore fishing before he met us :o

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