Lynmouth 24th May 2009

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Another early start , was feeling a bit frail from the BBQ and cider the night before As Adam said, it started out calm,

So I stayed in close to the rocks and tried plugging with a J13 – but no joy – never mind – always worth a go.

And with scenery like that – who cares anyway.

Lots of these :

One of these :

It did put up a really good scrap in the tide – then realised the trace was wrapped around it – so that explained things. I have had a few small eyed ray from the shore into double figures, and this was bigger – it went back safe and sound.

Dizzy's small eyed ray

Dizzy's small eyed ray


Adam had a good one too – and Dave had a couple of cracking blondes

ISCA's blonde ray

Great company – great scenery – great fishing – great weather – and the chips weren’t bad either

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