If Carlsberg did weddings…

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Only John could have conceived the idea of getting married on a beach in Devon in September; but that was not enough… so he invited all of his kayak fishing friends from the Anglers Afloat kayak fishing forum… and then to add icing to the cake, he got us all to dress up as Blues Brothers.

Blues Brothers Afloat

Blues Brothers Afloat

The weather was fantastic, which was just as well ! The beach at Ladram Bay was filling up rapidly with loads of brightly coloured kayaks – a grand backdrop for the events which were to unfold…

An Armada of kayaks at Ladram Bay

An Armada of kayaks at Ladram Bay

John and Helen approached from opposite ends of the Bay and met on the beach for the ceremony.

A very touching ceremony for a special couple.

You may kiss the bride...

You may kiss the bride...

A fantastically unique weekend – great company, great weather and two good people tieing the knot in style.

An ode to John and Helen…

There was a young maid named Helen,

Who met an old geezer from Devon,

Their charity work rocks,

And they love Sit-On-Tops,

And their marriage is made in heaven.

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  1. Pam says:

    Man a completely awesome wedding!! You guys do it right.

  2. Dizzy says:

    Thanks Pam – If you knew John and Helen – they are such a great couple – it was just a perfect weekend.

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