Blue Anchor Banker

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I had to work yesterday, not great, especially as the weather and tides were good. What made it worse, was that the forecast for Sunday was not good. Anyhow, I got home yesterday evening and those crafty met office buggers had changed the forecast – it was now looking good for Sunday

So I went into emergency packing mode and sorted the gear out late Saturday night.

Sunday dawned, looked like it was going to be cold and overcast, but light winds – so decided to go to Blue Anchor again.

Found some breaks in the reef (the side imaging sonar has really excelled recently when trying to manouvre close into the reef)…

Anchored up, but the easterly wind was pushing the T15 across the tide making it really difficult to get the lines out properly… As you can tell, I am not amused (I’d also had no bites and it was cold)….

Then the wind eased and the bites started to come – almost a hint of a smile…

I also look like I’ve just touched cloth in that last one with a turtle head (I hadn’t, honest )

Ok, “Where’s the beef ?” as they say in the States – clonking bite on the mackerel and squid bait and the first ray of the day was on the yak…

Can’t resist filming them go back safe and sound …


The tide eased right up and it went really calm….

Then had another ray just as the the tide started to ebb…

I had decided to use up some 2 year old frozen black lug which had been sitting in the freezer for too long – so on it went with some squid – big foot long baits Had a codling of about 2 lbs – lovely and fresh, great colours…

That one is going in the pan !

Then ray number 3…

This one was quite small, but the tide was really zipping out of the channel with the easterly breeze behind it, and it was kiting in the tide making it really difficult to get in.

… and lastly a whiting (the bait was almost the same size !)…

So, 3 ray a codling and a whiting – a Blue Anchor Banker !


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  1. Greg Doutre says:

    Hi DizzyBigFish!

    Really loving your videos on Youtube. I am a keen Sea Angler too and have just managed to buy a Bic Tobago Sea Kayak. Its not as Guchi as the ones you and boys use but I’m adapting it with rod holders, fishing crates and dry bags etc. I have been really impressed with your attention to detail on your kayak and the safety gear. I have got a flotation suit and PFD and am rigging everyhting on the Kayak for flip or swim so everyhting is tied down or lanyarded on. Been picking up loads of tips from your videos and others on the net. I live in Shirehampton and am really keen to get out onto some marks on the Bristol Channel. I work in Bridgwater as a Firefighter so Blue Anchor and surrounding is really close by. I have also purchased a Cobra VHF Radio just in case. So as you can see I’m trying to do things right. Can you give me any tips on launching and Retrieving from the Slipway at Blue Anchor? How well do kayaks fair in those BC tides etc. I read that you must launch and retrieve 2.5 hrs either side of high tide. I have got a bruce anchor and a dive reel and bouy for anchoring so I think I’m pretty much ready to go just need to take the beast out. Can you help with any other advise

    Cheers Greg

    • Dizzy says:

      Greg – Thanks for the comments. If you are fishing BA then 2.5 either side of HT is about right – steer clear of it on spring tides. Much safer to fish on smaller neaps. If you are fishing it in the winter then only fish it in calm conditions, and I would swap the floatation suit for a dry suit – a floatation suit might keep you afloat, but won’t keep you warm for very long if you get a dunking. Ian

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