Review of Typhoon Max B dry suit

I had one of the first Max B dry suits to come off the production line, and I used and abused it for over 5 years. When it came to buying a replacement, it was a no-brainer. My original suit was hard wearing, breathable, warm and comfortable; everything I could ask for in terms of a garment to be used for kayak fishing. The new Max B suit had a few improvements and tweaks which I shall describe below.

One of the first things I noticed was that the new Max B dry suit came in its own nylon zippable cover. The cover zipped open, and could be used to stand on, when changing into the suit, to avoid small stones puncturing the fabric socks (Note: I don’t know if this is what Typhoon intended, but it works !).




The package also included some wax for the BDM zip (more of that later). I have owned dry suits with latex seals, but I always preferred neoprene seals and fabric socks. I find them more comfortable, and they are less prone to damage.

The fabric socks on the Max B have gravel guards above them, and a neoprene tab is used to secure them. The extra long lower leg guard design allows for higher length boots to be worn, which is good news for kayak fishermen.



The leg design is pre-bent at the knees, and also Typhoon have added fabric re-enforcement to the knees and seat areas of the suit.


The re-enforced areas have a small drainage slit in the corner, to allow any water to escape.


The re-enforcement on the back-side of the suit is another really sensible addition for kayak fishermen…


The waist has an internal elasticated belt, which helps it keep its shape…


Moving our way up the suit, the next thing we come to, is the brass BDM zip across the front of the suit. I prefer front zips on dry suits. They make the suit easier to get into, they are easier to close, and they are more comfortable than rear zips when you are sat down for a long time. The BDM zip is protected by another zip which closes over the top of the BDM.




Inside the suit, are some elasticated braces. These help to stop the lower section of the suit from sagging, and make it more comfortable.



One of the great things about the suit is that it is breathable, so you don’t sweat too much, but also, it has a fleece lined storm collar. I can tell you first hand, that this great in the winter, when a cold wind is blowing. The collar can be clipped in the up position, or folded down. The neoprene neck seal is comfortable and easy to put on/take off.



The sleeves are pre-bent, and as per the legs, they are re-enforced with tough cordura. The wrist and neck seals are made of neoprene, and are easy to put on and take off.


The wrist seals are also further protected by a velcro secured sleeve cover, which features reflective piping.


The front of the suit features a small mesh lined pocket (not waterproof) which might prove to be handy (eg. for a small compass or a safety whistle).


The Max B does not come with a convenience zip as standard; but one can be fitted by Typhoon as an option.

So, in conclusion… The original version of the Max B was a great dry suit for kayak fishermen. I used and abused it for many years, and it served me well. The new suit looks even better, and the main things I like about the Max B are shown below…

Tough and hardwearing – the knee, seat and elbow re-enforcements are great, as are the fabric boots and neoprene wrist and neck seals

Comfortable and breathable – The quad-ply fabric, braces and elasticated waist are all good, as is the front BDM zip.

The fleece lined collar is great in the winter

Typhoon produce a “broad size” which is great news for kayak fishermen with bigger shoulders

Any thing I would change ? The only thing I would like to see is a pee-zip as standard, and maybe a hood – but that is just me nit-picking – its a great suit for kayak fishermen.

Read more about the Typhoon Max B dry suit on Typhoon’s web site

I purchased my suit from Gus at Escape Watersports. I have bought a few items from Gus, and not only is he a mine of information, but his team provides a fantastic service (he delivered my suit in super quick time). Phone them for advice, or check out the Escape Watersports website for more information…


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