Rain-X – Water repellent and anti fog coating for cameras

Last year, I experienced several problems when filming and taking pictures with waterproof cameras and waterproof action cams whilst at sea kayak fishing. I had a couple of occasions where the lens on my waterproof camera fogged up, and also had problems with the lens on the Go PRO HD action cam getting beads of water on it.

The fogging was probably caused by the difference in temperature/humidity on the day I went out – probably doesn’t happen too often in the UK; but after reading up about it, it sounds like it is a big problem abroad. One solution I have read about is to keep the cam/camera case open and place it by a air con vent in the car just before using it. The theory is that the air coming out of the car’s air conditioning vent has a very low relative humidity (ie. low moisture content) so there is not much water to condense if the temperature rises when you get a hot day. You can also purchase small anti-fog inserts for the GoPRO which also help the problem.

The bigger issue with the Go PRO was the beading of water on the lens. Water tends to splash on the lens cover when I am out on the kayak – particularly if it is rough or it is raining quite hard. The water and rain droplets just tend to stay on the lens and form beads, which then distort any video and pictures. What I needed was a product to displace the water from the lens and stop it forming large drops orr beads.

I did some more searching and found a couple of products which were available in the UK and which could solve the problem of water beading and fogging on the lens.

Rain-X sell a range of products – but the two which I was interested in were Rain-X rain repellent and Rain-X Anti Fog. Both were available from Halfords and other motor accessories shops. I have been using them both for over a year now and I am very impressed with the results – particularly the Rain-X rain repellent coating.

Rain-X rain repellent is designed to disperse rain from car windscreens to make them easier to see out of when it is raining hard – but it works just as well on the lens cover of my cameras and the Go PRO in particular.



There is enough solution in one 200ml containing to last a lifetime (bear in mind that it is designed for car windscreens, and I only use it on small camera and action cam lens covers).

You simply put some of the solution on a tissue/lens cloth and apply it carefully to the lens cover. Then leave it to dry and wipe clean with a dry cloth. It really does work – try putting the lens under the tap before and afterwards, and you will be amazed – after applying the water beads run off the lens almost immediately. The solution only needs re-applying every 3 or 4 trips – thoroughly recommended.

The other product from rain-X I used is called Anti Fog. It is applied in the same way – but on the inside of the lens cover – note that this is not possible on most cameras, but the Go PRO has a waterproof housing which contains the lens cover – so you can apply the anti fog on the inside of the lens cover.



I found that it worked OK – but in the UK, lens fogging is not such an issue – so I would only recommend buying it, if you are having alot of problems and the other methods using inserts and the air con trick does not work.