Prowler Handle Modification

I have lost count of the number of times I have bashed my knuckles on the front drain plug whilst dragging the T15 by the front toggle…..

After seeing the recent Ultra 4.7 and its swish handles, I thought the T15 was in need of a quick bit of pimping

So, I got hold of this from H2O kayaks….

£6-95 for a pair –….le+%28Pack+2%29

Took the old toggle off and used the exisitng fixture to secure the front of the new handle (this also means I have two new attachment points on the bow where the old toggle connected – more pimping opportunities – a front anchor trolley maybe )…

Drilled a new hole and used the supplied attachment to fix the back of he handle using good old M8 bolt, penny washer and some sealant….

I also looped the existing front elastic line around the handle, so that when not in use, it is pulled flat…

Simple mod – but a big improvement