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If you have enjoyed reading my free beginner’s guide to kayak fishing or if you experienced any problems downloading the guide, then please leave me some feedback using the form below…

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  1. Steve says:

    Brilliant little guide! Well written, good photographs and 100% relevant. Great for beginners but also of interest to the more experienced kayaker. Amazing value as well:D
    Thanks for producing this Ian.

  2. Dan Wulf says:

    Great idea!

  3. Tim Hardy says:

    A superb guide, well written, structured and published. Thank-you for spending the time putting it together. Professional quality and available to all for free! Highly recommended to all.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for the guide great read and very helpful, have yet to buy a Yak but can’t wait

  5. Ian M says:

    Great guide. A must for anyone contemplating kayak fising.

  6. Ian Prentice says:

    A truly superb guide: it covers all the angles a novice needs with actual suggestions for the bits and pieces needed with real clarity and enthusiasm. One addition that could be really useful and interesting would be a round the coastline review of good fishing spots – clearly not by one person but maybe by reviewers collated over the months and years.
    Thank you for all the work you so generously put in to the guide!

  7. David Phillips says:

    A great read. Very imformative.

  8. Scott James says:

    Great to get some experienced advice before spending my hard earned, gonna get on it now and get out there!

  9. Eddie C says:

    For those of us considering dipping our toe in the water this is a must read. Straight to the point and appropriately aimed at the beginner.

    Thanks for a superb resource!

  10. Dan says:

    Awesome guide, bout to go on first trip and there’s so many things in this guide I didn’t plan or think of encountering.. Well done mate..

  11. Andy says:

    This was a great read for me (as I am a newbie just starting kayak fishing this year ) I have found loads of great advice plus pointers on this free PDF I download (the safety check list at the end will be very helpful and a life saver ) plus the Dizzyfish Youtube videos have also been very informative and helpful…

    This PDF has very good safety advice and starting up / buying tips all in one place from some one who knows what he is talking about from experience , it is all very well presented and great reading…

    Thank you for taking the time Dizzyfish to produce this PDF..

  12. Roger Lathbury says:

    having problems downloading your kayak fishing guide for beginners. Cannot see link or form to be able to get to download, can you please help?

  13. Dean says:

    Just started kayak fishing and this guide has been very useful. Luckily I only live a stones throw from the mouth of the thames estuary so hopefully I will be able to put some of this information into practice soon and may even catch a fish or two

    Very greatfull that experienced kayak fishermen are passing on so much info for us beginners

    • Dizzy says:

      Thanks for the feedback Dean – I’m glad you enjoyed the guide. I have a Facebook group called “UK Kayak fishing” feel free to join, there’s lots of like minded kayak fishermen on there who will help you out if you have any questions

  14. Jon says:

    Great resource Dizzy, thank-you. I would consider modifying your VHF radio section to include DSC enabled radios. These allow a single push button distress call to be made which is picked-up by all vessels and the CG within range. This should then be backed-up by a voice call to the CG.

    Something like this is DSC enabled and has GPS built-in for nav too.

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