DIY Garage Kayak Hoist

The kayak only just fits in my garage and I have an up and over garage door which opens inwards – so quite a difficult task.

Needed a solution which would allow the T15 to be lifted up and down easily from the garage door end of the garage and still allow the garage door to open and close.

Trips to Lidl, In-excess and B&Q sourced everything I needed…..

This is what it looks like when hoisted

and the strern…

The rope you can see dangling under the kayak is a safety line which would take the weight of the kayak if the pulleys/bolts break – well, it wouldn’t do to have the ‘bread knife’ crushed by a T15 when she goes to the freezer would it

Safety line close-up (Note the 1970’s lion motif in the background… Class )

The lines join at a double pulley at the front of the garage above the door; the lines are then tied off on a cleat near the floor…

The pulleys cost 80p each, the rope cost £2.50 – the webbing cost £1.50 (luggage straps with the buckles cut-off)… all available at your friendly local In-Excess store .

The shackles were from Lidl (£5)…

The joists, joist hangers and fixings were all from B&Q..

Job, as they say, is a goodun

Now, what can I fill that space with……. Ahhh yes, another kayak

Update : I have also created some DIY support brackets for the other kayaks in the garage – another simple and effective solution.