DIY Fly Rod Holder

Firstly – many thanks to SM – he got me thinking with his recent article about transforming a RAM tube to form a fly rod holder :

I was thinking that if the split in the tube was the correct width and the tube was thinner, then it would hold the fighting butt of the fly rod and clamp it against the reel seat – thus negating the need for any straps etc. Then I thought – most kayaks have flush mounts – and it all came together…

The fly rod is held securely and cannot move – best of all – it is cheap and easy to make and should fit all fly rods/reels/kayaks (I tried it on my mini-X and Trident 15 and tried 4 different fly rods and reels from a 5 weight to a 9 weight.

All you need is some drain pipe (the one which fits snugly into the flush mounts – I will check the diameter) and some pipe lagging.

Stick the drain pipe all the way into the kayak’s flush mount rod holder and mark where it comes level with the top. Get the fly rod and reel and hold the bottom of the butt next to the mark you have made – move the rod and reel up a bit (you have to remember that the reel will hang lower) and make another mark. Cut a thin strip out of the pipe from the second mark you have made to the end of the pipe (away from the first mark). The width of the strip you cut is important. It needs to just a little bit more than the width of the reel foot. (the bit which attaches the reel to the rod)

This is so that you can slide the rod and reel in and out of the pipe – but at the same time the rod is held securely when it is slid in (ie. it will not move).

The far end of the pipe should be trimmed so that when the fly rod and reel are pushed in, the tip of the butt and the keeper ring are just outside of the pipe…

Also, cut a bit of a flare in the top of the pipe just to make it easier to slide the rod in – so now it should look like this….

I also put a length of foam pipe insulation into the bottom of the pipe, so that the whole thing floats…

The beauty of this set up is that once the fly rod has been inserted all the way to th,e bottom of the slot – it simply cannot move – it is fixed (clamped) between the rod butt and the reel foot – Simples

You can turn it upside down and shake it and it still will not come out. I find that the easiest way to release the rod is to lift it out (the pipe comes with it) and then just slide the rod out and put the pipe back inthe flush mount – and then you are ready to catch some fish.

Made some sad vids if anyone is interested (this has confirmed my neighbours suspicions that I am completely crackers)…



Next week I will be making a kayak engine using potatoes and clothes pegs whilst simultaneously nailing a jelly to the ceiling