Rokk Mount from Scanstrut

There are lots of different systems for mounting equipment on small boats and kayaks. The Rokk mount is a modular system from a UK company based in South Devon, called Scanstrut. What’s different about the Rokk mount is that is extremely rugged and its constructed from marine grade materials.

There are several different types of Rokk mount available. Including ones which attach directly to the kayak, and ones which attach to rails or roll bars. I was interested in the Rokk mount which had a base attachment designed to fit Railblaza Star Port systems.




The first thing you notice about the Rokk mount when you take it out of the box is its weight and size – its a solid piece of engineering.


The base attachment (Railblaza) and the modular top plate attachment are both permanently connected to ball joints which sit inside the main body of the mount.


A knob on the side of the body adjusts the tension on the two metal ball joints. The tension can be adjusted so that the joints move easily, or against tension; turn the knob a bit more, and both the joints lock into place. When I say “locked”, I mean “Locked”. They will not move, unlike many of the other adjustable mounting systems on the market.


The attachment on the bottom of the Rokk mount, allows it to be integrated with existing Railblaza systems, using the StarPort arrangement. As we shall see later, this adds alot of flexibility to the Rokk mount, including quick release and attachment and a locking system.

Moving to the top of the Rokk mount, there is a small shoe with a thread. A Stainless hex bolt is attached here, which allows optional base plates to be fixed to the top of the Rokk mount.


Several base plates are available from Scanstrut which are pre-configured to attach to existing GPS systems and Fish finders…

RL-501 For Humminbird 300-700

RL-502 For Garmin GPS MAP 400-600 / Echo 100-550 / Echo Map 50s; Raymarine Dragonfly

RL-503 For Lowrance Elite 5 / Mark 5

RL-504 For Raymarine E7 + Lowrance HDS-5 / HDS-7 (Gen 1 and 2)

RL-505 For Lifedge Surface Mount Kit, AMPS (Universal)

RL-506 For Raymarine a6 and a7

RL-507 For Garmin GPS MAP 700 Series / Echo Map 70s

I had a couple of top plates, but would be using the RL-503 to attach to an existing Lowrance Fishfinder (Elite 4 DSi).


Attaching the base which came with the Lowrance fish finder to the base plate was a doddle…



The Scanstrut base plate was pre-drilled, and came with the necessary nuts and bolts to connect the base plate to the fish finder base.

The Rokk mount was now ready to attach to any existing Railblaza Star Port. I had a side port and a flush mounted star port on the kayak. Both worked well with the Rokk mount, but the side port was in a better position to show the fish finder.

The base of the Rokk mount inserts into the Star Port quickly and easily..


Once inserted, the switch on the Star port can be used to lock the Rokk mount in place…


The Fish finder simply clicks into place…


The whole process is very quick…


And removal is just as simple. It works just the same on side ports and star ports. The viewing angle of the fish finder can be adjusted by using the knob on the Rokk mount, as described earlier…


The Rokk mount is bomb proof, its made from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium, 316 stainless steel and glass filled nylon, so you know its going to last. This does come at a cost; the unit is noticeably heavier and bulkier than many of the other systems on the market. If you are looking for a mounting system for larger pieces of equipment such as the bigger fish finder head units, or you have existing Railblaza Star Ports, or you want something which is saltwater resistant and is going to last, then the Rokk mount is well worth checking out.

Have a look at the video, or for more information, check the website below…


Scanstrut website…