Review of Rovex Integra Gold fishing rod

There are a couple of Rovex models to choose from. I wanted something which would cover a few different situations, so I went for the Integra Gold 6 foot Kayak rod (there is also a 4 foot model).

First impressions - a nice looking rod

Lets cover the basics first…

Interesting spec for a rod of this price...

Rovex is sold by Masterline in the UK

Its a 2 piece carbon rod with 8 rings and it has a clear solid fibreglass tip section… best of all, is the price… you can pick these rods up for £20 in the UK.

For that money, you would not expect alot, but you would be wrong. This is a decent blank, and whilst the fittings might not be top notch, the rod is good. Lets take a closer look…

6 feet long - 2 equal sections

The rod comes in 2 equal sections, lets look at the butt section first.


No butt cap, but the EVA foam on the butt section is comfortable. The butt section is very short – only 7 iches (18cms) from the bottom of the rod to the base of the reel seat. This is short, but fine for kayak fishing.


The reel seat looks like a Fuji, but I don’t think it is – for this kind of money, you cannot complain – it looks perfectly serviceable weather or not it has a sticker makes no odds to me…


The EVA foregrip is comfortable, and not too long…


There is no line keeper on the rod – not the end of the world, but a shame none the less. The butt section only has a single line ring, and there is a direct push in joint…


On to the tip section now; and the joint looks strong and overwhipped (perhaps could have done with a slightly longer section of overwhip)…


The graphics are quite good (not that the fish can tell !). I am not sure about the rating of 8 to 14lbs. In the specs I read, it said that the rod was capable of casting 1 to 2 oz weights. I reckon this rod can easily handle 3 or 4 ounce weights. A rating of 8 lbs is probably about right to me. Its the sort of rod which would be great for trolling a 3 oz weight and feathers on the kayak.


The tip section has 5 line guides (4 plus a tip ring). If I am honst, it could do with 1 or two more, but for a fixed spool reel set up, it should be fine.

Again, I don’t think the rings are Fuji, but for the money, I think that would be asking alot. The guides are under and over whipped with thread and finished with gold edging, a bit too much varnish, but that is just being a bit picky. They look good…


Now on to the really interesting bit (if such a thing can exist on a fishing rod… I think I need to get out more !). The last section of the tip transitions into a clear solid tip…


This section is quite short, but it does add a bit to the action and makes the rod a bit more tippy.

Integrated glass tip - not bad for a rod of this price

I really would not have expected a solid glass tip on a rod of that price – amazing.

So the technical specifications…

Rovex Integra Gold Kayak rod
Sections 2
Length 6 feet
Rings 6
Weight 9 ozs


My overall impression of this rod is that it is fantastic value for money. It is not in the same class as other rods such as the Conoflex QT kayak and the Fladen Maxximus range; and this shows in the quality of the rings, reel seat etc, but for £20, its a great rod for messing around in the kayak. I almost feel bad about criticising it in any way given the price – but if I had to gripe then it would be… add an extra couple of rings and of better quality – and add a hook keeper. But if this was done, then undoubtedly the price of the rod would go up, and it has to be said that the best part about the Rovex Integra Gold Kayak rod is… the price !