Review of Flymount – Rugged camera and video mount

Finding decent options for mounting cameras on kayaks in the UK, is not that easy – the mountings have to be rugged and foolproof – and that rules alot of them out. So much so, that I resorted to making my own, so I am always on the look-out for new options.

One such option is the Flymount. When I first saw the website, the following list of features sounded good…

  • Saltwater resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Weighs less than 200g
  • Made from glass reinforced nylon
  • Made from marine grade stainless steel
  • Protective, grippy, urethane lined jaws
  • Fully serviceable


… Particularly the bit about saltwater resistance/marine grade stainless steel. The website shows that it is used in extreme sports – so it should be great for kayak fishing – it does rely on a cylindrical object to attach to – so it should be ideal for my DIY kayak generic accessory arm which I now use on all of my fishing kayaks.  There was also a quick release adaptor for GoPro action cams – something else I was really keen to try out.

When I opened the parcel, the first thing I noticed was the packaging – it looks very cool (I am used to plain cardboard boxes with alot of fishing stuff !).

Flymount packaging The GoPRO adaptor was looking like it could be the icing on the cake…

Flymount GoPro adaptor

Steady on Dizzy, you havent evened opened the box yet !


The box contains instructions, the Flymount (with the compact camera adaptor attached) and various other bits and pieces, mainly for use with the compact camera adaptor.

The Flymount itself is very rugged indeed – the website detail failed to disappoint in this respect. The main body is made of tough nylon…

Tough nylon body

The rest of the fittings are all stainless and look like they are tough and well made…

quality marine stainless fittings

Tough stainless fittings

Although I was more interested in the GoPro adaptor, it was only fair that I examined the capabilities of the compact camera mount, as I know alot of people now use waterproof digital cameras in the UK for kayak fishing.

compact camera adaptor

The compact camera adaptor sits on top of the flymount and provides a stable base for small digital cameras. A small tripod adaptor bolt keeps the camera attached to the adaptor (the bolt can be seen in the image above with the white leash cord going through it). A velcro strap goes around the camera and provides further security should the bolt fail. The positives with the adaptor are that the whole thing is very secure – the only minor critiscisms I have, are that the tripod bolt has to be leashed, and the velcro partially obscured the flash on my camera.

flymount with compact camera attached

The adaptor provided a really stable platform, and once attached, the camera felt very secure – so much so, that I even gave the whole bar a good shake with the Flymount and camera attached – very impressive.

Next, the camera adaptor was removed; simply unscrew a bolt and lift it off.

Removing the compact camera adaptor

The bag of bits included another adaptor which would allow SLRs to be attached directly to the top of the Flymount using the standard tripod bolt. The Flymount SLR adaptor

This adaptor simply pushes on to the top of the Flymount…

Flymount with SLR adaptor attached

Now for the GoPro quick release adaptor (I have to admit, this was the bit I was looking forward to the most !). Like the SLR adaptor, the GoPro adaptor simply pushes on to the top of the Flymount…

Flymount GoPro adaptor

A bolt holds the GoPro adaptor in place…

IBolt holds GoPro adaptor in place

Before we see how the GoPro sits in the adaptor, a bit more information about adjusting the Flymount. There are 2 main adjustment knobs.

One knob adjusts the jaws of the Flymount in order to secure it to a bar…

Adjusting the jaws of the Flymount 

The Flymount can attach to cylindrical objects such as roll bars and handlebars. When slid onto an object, it can attach to bars with diameters between 20mm and 48mm. When pushed directly onto an object (due to the curvature of the jaws) it can attach to bars with a diameter of 20mm to 40mm. The adjustment is positive, and the Flymount grips well onto the bar due to some rubber shoes inside the jaws.

The other adjustment knob controls the tension on the head of the Flymount. The head had a 45 degree angle of movement rather like a ball joint…

Adjustment of the Flymount pivoting head

The adjustment knob allows the head to be locked into position if desired, or to have a certain amount of movement.

Once the Flymount was attached to the kayak’s accessory arm, it was time to check out the GoPro…

Flymount with GoPro quick release 

Again, I was impressed with the security and stability of the mount – the GoPro felt solid as a rock, and adjustment of the angle was easy.

It looked good on the kayak too…

Flymount and GoPro mounted on the kayak

Over the coming months, I hope to put the Flymount through its paces on the kayak. My initial impressions are…

  • Incredibly tough
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Well made

The compact camera mount is secure (if a little fiddly to set up) – but the real USP has to be the GoPro quick release mount – it is quick, simple and secure – what more could you want ?

What this space for more information.

The Flymount can be purchased from dealers for approx £60 and the GoPro adaptor is available as an extra for approx. £10. See the Flymount website for more information.