Mounting options for Go Pro Hero cameras

One of the good things about GoPro Hero cameras, is the number of accessories which you can use to mount the cameras in various different ways.

All of the mounts attach to the GoPro Hero enclosure/housing…

Standard GoPro Hero enclosure

The image above shows the mount at the bottom of the enclosure. From a different angle…

Enclosure showing quick release buckle

The images show a quick release attachment which can be used to attach the GoPro to many of the accessories. However, alot of the standard accessories attach directly to the bottom of the enclosure (rather than using the quick release buckle shown above). So, in order to attach the GoPro to these accessories, you first have to take off the quick release buckle by undoing the thumbscrew..

GoPro Enclosure with quick release buckle removed

Probably the most widely used and simplest mounting accessories are the quick release curved and flat self adhesive mounts which come with the standard GoPro packages. They attach to the GoPro using the quick release buckle shown above.

Flat and curved self adhesive mounts

The image above shows the flat mount of the left and the mount for attaching to curved surfaces on the right.

3M self adhesive GoPro mounts

The mount uses 3M adhesive to stick to surfaces (you just peel off the film and stick them to a clean and dry surface). If you are attaching the mounts to a flat clean surface, then they should work. However, I have tried using them on slightly dimpled plastic surfaces (roto-moulded kayak plastic) and they fell off after a few days use.

The GoPro suction cup mount is good for mounting the GoPro on top of very flat surfaces – such as windows…

GoPro suction cup mount

Suction cup on bottom of mount

Suction cup mount made of tough ABS plastic

The button on the top of the suction cup is pressed to push out the air and then the clip is pulled back to secure the suction cup. The whole thing is made from tough ABS plastic. It does not use the quick release buckle which is a shame). I would only use the suction cup attachment on really rigid flat surfaces.

The GoPro vented helmet strap mount is quite versatile. It is designed to be attached to a cycling helmet, but could be used to attach to anything which has attachments for webbing…

Vented helmet strap

Two clips ensure that the webbing straps are locked into place, and the  mount also uses the quick release buckle which is good. This is an underused but versatile mounting method.

Along similar lines as the vented mount above, is the head strap mount. This is designed to be worn on your head rather like a headlamp. The straps are made of elastic and are fully adjustable. The GoPro sits on a bracket at the front.

GoPro head strap mount

There is a tendency for the attachment to pull forward slightly (the GoPro is quite heavy). On the plus side, the head band gives the viewer a great viewing angle. Basically the camera sees what you are seeing. The downside is that it does not look very cool !

The image below shows the J hook buckle and the 3 way pivot arm. This allows the GoPro to be attached to a quick release attachment such as the self adhesive ones described above, but it provides a great degree of movement. The mount is quite popular attached to the front of climbing and kayaking helmets; it can be swivelled around either to look ahead, or flipped to look at the wearer.

GoPro 3 way J clip

The GoPro Hero tripod attachment is one of the smallest mounts. It allows the GoPro to be fixed to any standard, 1/4 inch 20tpi (threads per inch) camera tripod attachment. The GoPro attaches to the top (not a quick release buckle)

GoPro Hero tripod attachment



And the tripod attachment is screwed in underneath…

GoPro Hero tripod attachment showing thread

This mount allows the GoPro to be used with many accessories designed for cameras/camcorders which use standard tripod mounts.

These are some of the more popular mounting accessories for the GoPro Hero, there are others (which I have not tried/owned) such as the roll and mount and the chest harness.

For kayak fishing, I have used several of the mounts and combined some of them with DIY projects to produce bespoke solutions. Kayak fishing demands that the mounts are tough and rugged, but also simple to use – which is why most of my DIY mounting solutions use the quick release brackets.

Here are links to some of the GoPro Hero mounts I use for kayak fishing…

Hopefully this gives you an insight into the range and diversity of just some of the mounting options available for GoPro Hero cameras.