LED Kayak Anchor Bouy Light

I have a navigation light – which is fantastic, but when up-anchoring, I suddenly realised that if it was particularly dark and choppy; you could soon miss your anchor and fail to retrieve it. Initially, I got some 3M reflective tape and stuck it in the hadle of the bouy – that was great if you caught the bouy in torchlight. But one thing about night fishing, is that it is really easy to lose your bearings. There are no visual waypoints to fix on and it can be all too easy to lose the bouy when you up anchor and come to collect it. Even when marked on the GPS, it is amazing how close yopu can get to the bouy without even seeing it.

I used to do a lot of cycling, and one of my friends was telling me about a really cool LED light which you can attach to just about anything – it was really bright – and best of all, was supposed to be waterproof. Hmmm, waterproof; well I had to give it a go. Its called the Nitezone Front Micro safety light. Its very small, very bright – its supposed to be waterproof and the batteries are supposed to last for up to 400 hours. It has 3 modes :-

  • Flashing
  • Strobe
  • Constant

It is also quite small…

I decided to give it a proper dunking in a bowl of water (well you have to try, don’t you !)…

As you can see – it worked no problem – and I kept it submerged for a couple of minutes.

Should work fine attached to my anchor bouy handle with a piece of elastic.