DIY Roof Bar Pads

My existing DIY insulation roof pads were looking a bit tired ….

Coupled with the fact that they make a really loud screeeeeach when I push the T15 on and off (not a good way to keep in with the neighbours at 4am ).

So, a new pair were needed – trouble was that although there are loads on the market at quite reasonable prices; I could not find any which were the right size – they were either too short or too long.

So, I decided to make my own (or rather, I asked the good lady of the house to fabricate them for me ).

Luckily, already had some of this stuff lying around – tough oxford nylon (matches my car colour ), some thick pipe insulation and some velcro.

Looked at a couple in shops and the design seemed quite simple – basically – cut the nylon to the right length, sew on the velcro, sew along two edges, slide the pipe insulation in and Bob’s your happy neighbour.

Leave one end open so that if the insulation ever perishes, you can simply buy a new bit and slide it in (ooohhhh errrr missus )…

Finshed pads…

And attached to the roof bar….

Cheap, tough and simple – but best of all – exactly the right length for the car/kayak