Akios Shuttle 555 LSi

I like to fish as light as possible when I am in the kayak. I have always been a big fan of the Shimano Calcutta 400 series of bait casting multipliers, but they are now just too expensive to justify buying  for use on the yak. I was looking around for another similar reel which had to have the following characteristics…

  • – 5000 sized
  • – Decent braking system
  • – Levelwind
  • – Well built/tough
  • – Line out/ratchet

Surprisingly, I found very few reels which met this criteria. One of the best looking candidates was the Akios Shuttle 555 Lsi.

The reel had the following specification…


• One Piece Extruded Open CT Cage
• Larger Spindle To Prevent Spool Distortion
• Aluminium Anodised Double Sports Handle
• FREE Spare -Stainless Steel Power Handle
• FREE Spare -Stainless Steel Star Drag Wheel
• FREE Neoprene Reel Case
• Mini Star Wheel
• Larger Body Screws For Easier Access
• Longer Knobby For Mag Control
• Carbon Multi Disc Drag for Optimal Drag Performance
• Brass Anti-Corrosion Chromed Side Plates
• 2 Stainless Bearings in the Spool
• Machined Brass Gears
• Corrosion Resistant IAR Bearing
• Line Out Alarm
• High Torque Winding Power
• Mag/Centrifugal Brake System

So, from the specification at least, it ticked all of the boxes. This was a reel that had to cover a large number of different situations…

  • Light inshore fishing from the kayak
  • Pike fishing
  • Heavy lure fishing

When I got the reel, I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as I picked it up and turned the handle, I could tell it was well made – it felt chunky and heavier than other 5000 baitcaters, but most importantly of all, it felt solid.


The reel came with a free neoprene case and a larger stainless steel power handle, and star wheel…


My personal preference would be for keeping the double handle, but changing the star drag to the bigger version.

Let’s take the usual tour around the reel, examining it in greater detail, starting with the front of the reel…


I wanted a reel with a level wind mechanism – it makes things a bit easier when fishing inshore, and its really useful when fishing with heavy lures. The one piece frame really stands out – it gives the reel alot of strength and stops the reel from twisting under pressure.

On to the left hand side of the reel now, the side plates…


This houses the spool float adjustment knob (centre), the ratchet and the adjustment knob for the magnetic brake control.


The ratchet/line out alarm/clicker (above) or whatever they call it these days (!!!) is well made and positive, the tension is quite high for a small reel.


I adjust the spool end float (above) so that when you try to move the spool from left to right with your thumb, there is just a tiny hint of movement.


The magnetic brake knob (above) is indexed and the amount of control from its minimum to maximum setting is very large indeed. Whether casting leads or just flicking out lures, the setting is easily adjustable. Also remember that the reel also has a set of centrifugal brake blocks installed as standard.

Round to the back of the reel now…


The reel foot looks solid and strong…


On to the right hand side plate…


The thumb screws are great, and allow easy access to the inside of the reel for maintenance or changing spools/brake blocks…


There is another end float adjustment for the right hand side plate…


… And then we come on to the handle and the clutch thumbwheel…


As I already mentioned, I would personally keep the red double handle, but I am planning to swap the small sporty red star drag, for the larger stainless one included (my fingers are just a bit too chubby to get a good purchase on the small star wheel – that said, it does look great !).

Let’s take the reel apart, and have a quick look inside…


The thumb screws make disassembly/assembly a doddle. The lightweight red aluminium spool is free floating, and has inboard bearings and centrifugal brakes (Did I mention it was red ???!!!!!!).




The right hand side plate houses the spool spindle, clutch mechanism and the reel gearing…


The left hand side plate contains the rare earth magnets used for the magnetic spool braking…



As with the other Akios reels I have reviewed, the components looked well made and everything looked well put together. It has that “quality” feel about it.

I don’t like to review a reel, until I have tried it out a few times – and the kayak is a great discriminator when it comes to sorting the chaff from the wheat. I have been using the reel for a couple of months now. I have not caught any monsters, but the reel performed well enough for me to take it on a couple of tope trips to North Devon – I have that much confidence in it. Needless to say, the tope had other ideas, but it managed to haul in strings of mackerel and a half decent conger – not bad for a 5000 sized multiplier. Some pics…






In conclusion, this is a compact little gem in a 5000 shell. Not the lightest of reels, but tough, and well made. The one piece frame and braking system are top notch and the reel punches well above its weight in terms of strength and power. I can’t wait to catch a tope on one – I am sure it will be up to the job. Expect to pay between £160 to £210 for the 555 LSi.

The Akios Shuttle range of multipliers (including the 5000 range) are available from Veals mail order (below is a link to the non-levelwind 555 scm)…